VegiQuik™ 5-in-One Vegetable Cutter

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Save Time, Slice Swiftly: Meet the VegiQuik 5-in-1 Veggie Slicer!


Mandolin Vegetable Cutter & Slicer – Lacor Home


Are you tired of spending what feels like an eternity in the kitchen, struggling with knives that seem determined to challenge your coordination? Do you find yourself frustrated by the time it takes to prepare even the simplest of dishes? And for those of us who aren't exactly blessed with chef-worthy knife skills, the fear of getting cut all the time?

Knife Skills 101 - A Spicy Perspective

It's time to bid farewell to those laborious hours spent chopping, slicing, and dicing. With the VegiQuik Slicer, you're looking at a kitchen transformation that will redefine your approach to cooking. No more sore wrists or tired hands – let our slicer handle the hard work for you! 

 Multifunctional Quick Vegetable Cutter –


Crafted with the finest ABS and stainless steel 420, this slicer is your gateway to effortless food preparation. The pressure handle guarantees stability while cutting and shredding, allowing you to breeze through even the toughest ingredients. From carrots to cucumbers, apples to frozen meat – no challenge is too big for this kitchen wizard!



Cleaning up after your culinary adventures? We've got you covered. The foldable design ensures hassle-free storage, and the detachable shelf makes cleaning a breeze. A quick rinse, and you're ready for your next masterpiece.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your kitchen experience. Upgrade your cooking game with the VegiQuik 5-in-1 Slicer and unlock a world of culinary possibilities. Your kitchen will become your favorite creative playground!

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How does the pressure handle enhance the cutting experience?

The pressure handle of the VegiQuik Slicer is designed to make cutting and shredding easier and more stable. It reduces the effort required and ensures consistent results, even when dealing with tougher ingredients

Is the VegiQuik Slicer easy to clean?

Absolutely. The VegiQuik Slicer features a foldable design for convenient storage and a clean food collection container. The detachable shelf simplifies the cleaning process; a quick rinse of the cutter is all you need to keep it clean and ready for your next use.

What can I use the VegiQuik Slicer for?

This versatile manual food chopper can handle a wide range of ingredients, including carrots, cucumbers, apples, frozen meat, and more. Its sharp cutter head enables efficient slicing and chopping, making your food preparation tasks more convenient



Product material: ABS+stainless steel 420
Product size: 34*23*1 3cm
Product weight: 560g