CleanSip™ Cup Brush

Color: Gray Single Brush
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Discover Effortless Cup Cleaning with Clean Sip Cup Brush - Your Shortcut to Spotless Sipping!

Welcome to Clean Sip, where we've revolutionized the way you keep your favorite cups pristine. Say goodbye to stubborn stains and lingering odors with our innovative Clean Sip Cup Brush.

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Tired of Stained Cups?

Do you often find yourself frustrated by stubborn stains and odors in your favorite cups, no matter how much you scrub


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Frustrated with Ineffective Cleaning Tools?

Are you fed up with cleaning tools that promise a lot but deliver very little when it comes to cup cleaning?

Effortless Cleaning

Clean Sip Cup Brush takes the hard work out of cup cleaning. With its innovative design, you'll be amazed at how easily it removes stains and odors.

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Gentle Yet Effective

Our brush is gentle on your cups while being highly effective. Say goodbye to scratches and hello to spotless sipping.

  • Precision Cleaning: Clean Sip Cup Brush's bristles reach every nook and cranny, ensuring thorough cleaning.

  • Durable Design: Made to last, our brush will be your cup-cleaning companion for years to come.

  • Easy to Clean: Cleaning the Clean Sip Cup Brush is a breeze. Simply rinse and let it air dry, and it's ready for action.

Don't let dirty cups ruin your sipping experience.

Get Your Clean Sip Cup Brush Today and Enjoy Pristine Cups with Every Sip!

Introducing the SmartSpin Cup Brush



  • Durable Construction: Crafted from durable PP+PVC material, ensuring longevity and reliability.

  • Double-Head Design: Features a double-head design to tackle stubborn dirt and stains effectively.

  • Dual Suction Cups: Equipped with two suction cups, allowing easy attachment to walls or tables for convenient storage.

  • Compact Size: Measures approximately 17.5X14cm, providing powerful cleaning in a compact and easy-to-handle size.

  • Excellent Drainage: The SmartSpin Cup Brush boasts excellent drainage capabilities, ensuring quick drying and hygienic results.


Q. Is the SmartSpin Cup Brush suitable for delicate glassware?

A: Absolutely! The SmartSpin Cup Brush is designed to be gentle yet effective, making it suitable for delicate glassware. Its high-quality bristles ensure thorough cleaning without causing scratches or damage.

Q. How do I attach the SmartSpin Cup Brush to a surface?

A: It's easy! The SmartSpin Cup Brush features dual suction cups for convenient storage. Simply wet the suction cups, press them firmly onto a clean, smooth surface (like a wall or table), and it will stay securely in place for your cleaning needs

Q. Can the SmartSpin Cup Brush be used for cleaning items other than cups?

A: Yes, indeed! While the SmartSpin Cup Brush is perfect for cups of all sizes, its versatile double-head design also makes it suitable for cleaning various other items. You can use it for bottles, small vases, and even hard-to-reach corners of dishes and utensils. It's a versatile cleaning tool for your kitchen.

Upgrade Your Cup Cleaning Experience Today!"