ShineWalk™ Lighted Retractable Leash

Color: Green 3M
Style: Towing Rope + Small Collar


🌟 ShineWalk Pet Leash: Illuminate Your Pet's Adventures! 

🐾 Tired of Dark and Risky Pet Walks?

Have you ever found yourself walking your furry friend in the darkness, straining to see their every move? Are you concerned about their safety during those early morning or late evening outings? We get it – your pet's safety is paramount, and it's time to transform those walks into brilliantly lit adventures.


Introducing ShineWalk™  Pet Leash: Your Pet's Guiding Light Say goodbye to dim and uncertain walks, and say hello to ShineWalk Pet Leash – your companion for illuminated strolls that keep your pet safe and your heart at ease. Whether you're exploring early morning trails, twilight escapades, or simply enjoying the night's tranquility, ShineWalk ensures every step is a well-lit delight



Are You Tired of Worrying About Visibility?

How often have you worried about cars not seeing your pet during your evening strolls? The ShineWalk Pet Leash is here to erase those concerns. With its gentle, radiant glow, your pet becomes a beacon of safety and visibility, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.


Woman on camera walking dog on lead while driving car on Quay St at Bulimba  | Gold Coast Bulletin


Do You Want to Maximize Playtime with Your Furry Friend?

We understand that our pets have boundless energy, day or night. With ShineWalk, you're no longer limited by the setting sun. Now you can extend playtime, go for longer walks, and create unforgettable memories – all while keeping your beloved companion safe and sound.

 Retractable Dog Leash With LED Light – Kash's Pawtique


Elevate Every Walk with ShineWalk Leash ShineWalk Pet Leash isn't just a leash – it's a promise of brighter moments and safer journeys. Embrace every walk as an opportunity to bond, explore, and create cherished memories with your beloved pet.

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How does the illumination feature work?

The ShineWalk Pet Leash features integrated LED lights that emit a soft yet powerful glow. With the simple touch of a button, you can activate the lights, enhancing your pet's visibility during nighttime walks or in low-light environments. Runs on AA batteries for consistent performance.

Is the leash suitable for both dogs and cats?

Absolutely! The ShineWalk Pet Leash is crafted to accommodate the needs of both dogs and cats. Its versatile design ensures a comfortable and secure experience for your furry friend, no matter their size or breed.

Is the leash durable and secure? Yes, the ShineWalk Pet Leash is engineered for durability and safety. Crafted from high-quality materials, it's designed to withstand the wear and tear of active pets. The secure locking mechanism ensures that your pet remains at a safe distance while you enjoy your walk together.



🌟 Uncompromised Quality: Brand new and unmatched top-tier quality.

🐾 Enhanced Freedom: Grant your pet unrestricted movement while maintaining control.

🐶 Versatile Suitability: Suitable for Small, Medium, and Large pets.

⚙️ Effortless Control: One-handed braking and locking system.

🚀 Telescopic Design: Automatically stretches and retracts for seamless movement.

🔒 Secure Locking: Button-style lock mechanism for steadfast control.

👐 Ergonomic Handles: Large, easy-to-grip handles for your comfort.

🌈 Elevate Every Walk: Experience walks that unite safety and joy.

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