CrystalFlow™ Auto Glass Washer

Color: Black
style: Black set
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Unlock Crystal-Clear Brilliance: Discover the High Pressure Automatic Stainless Steel Glass Washer!


🥂 Tired of the Never-Ending Battle with Smudged Glasses?

Have you ever felt the frustration of serving drinks in cloudy, streaky glasses? Do fingerprints and smudges seem impossible to banish? Say goodbye to the hassle and embrace a new era of glass cleaning perfection.


💎 Introducing Your Glass Cleaning Revolution Meet the High Pressure Automatic Stainless Steel Glass Washer – your ultimate solution for impeccable glass brilliance. Are you ready to elevate your establishment's image and serve drinks that gleam with purity?

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🛡️ Crafted for Excellence, Engineered to Last Say hello to the epitome of durability and efficiency. Our glass washer boasts premium materials like ABS, stainless steel, and copper – a trifecta designed to withstand the rigors of even the busiest bar or kitchen.


🚀Upgrade Your Establishment, Elevate Your Experience Your business and home deserves the best, and that starts with your presentation. Embrace the convenience and reliability of the High Pressure Automatic Stainless Steel Glass Washer, and watch as your glassware becomes a symbol of excellence.


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🔹 Materials: Crafted with ABS, stainless steel, and copper for exceptional durability. 🔹 Model: Introducing Model JA-2-0, a pinnacle of design and innovation.

🔹 Variations: Choose from three options:

  1. "Black-With Black ABS Base": Blade glass washer + black ABS base.
  2. "Black-Black Set": Blade glass washer + black ABS base + US Standard 9/16 + 80cm hose.
  3. "Black-Black Set1": Blade glass washer + black ABS base + European Standard 3/8 + 80cm hose.

🔹 Dimensions:

  • Cup Washer: 11cm x 11cm x 7cm
  • Base: 14.5cm x 13cm x 5cm
  • Copper Head Hose: 80cm for ultimate flexibility.

🔹 Weight:

  • Cup Washer: 170g
  • Base: 110g
  • Copper Head Hose: 170g

🔹 Packaging: 

  • 1* Stainless Steel Cup Washer


Can I expect streak-free results?

A: Yes! CrystalFlow's high-pressure cleaning technology ensures streak-free, crystal-clear glassware every time.

Is the glass washer user-friendly?

A: Absolutely. CrystalFlow is designed for easy operation, making glass cleaning efficient and hassle-free.

Does it come with different variations? A: Yes, CrystalFlow offers three variations, each designed to cater to specific needs and preferences.